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Re-Purpose Project
(Redesigned Bonus Room to a Home Office on a budget)

This is a bonus room over a 2 car garage and my client Ms. Edwards wanted to use this space as a restful office/ retreat. Ms. Edwards is a collector of many wonderful items and wanted to reuse whatever she already owned and purchase what was needed.
 Detailed measurements of the space were taken, assessing the area and items she already owned were done.  After sitting down and discussing in detailed her budget, needs, wants and desires a contract for hire was established.


Installation of the following: 

  • Window Treatment

  • New Carpet and Paint

  • Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets 

  • A Window Seat for extra storage and seating

  • Wainscoting on the West Wall for architectural detail

  • Smoke Gray Plexiglas for cabinet base to match cabinet door window

  • Repurposed marble table (converted into a floating desk and counter top)and

  • Designed Recycled Glass Wall Paper on the north wall along with a crystal sconce for additional lighting.

This project Re-Purposed 65% of the clients personal items and 35% were new purchases.  Ms. Edwards requested a Home Office Retreat on a budget.
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